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How many super statements did you receive this year?  Did you find it hard to track your super accounts?  Have you lost some of  your super over the years?

Your not alone... Many people have this problem!  But' don't stress we can help.

Why consolidate

The benefits of putting several small super fund accounts into one account are:

§  To save costs by paying only one set of fees

§  To reduce your paperwork

§  To make it easier to keep track of your super


How to consolidate

You can always do this yourself but if you want to take the hard work and gain professional advice, it is as simple as gathering as much information about your current super funds as you can and making an appointment to let us help you.  With your permission, we will then liaise with your current funds to determine what you currently have taking into account the following:

§  If you will have to pay any termination fees

§  If you lose any insurance benefits

§  That the fund you are consolidating into has the services you want

§  That your employer can contribute to your chosen fund

We will then provide you with a summary of your current super funds and a recommendation to consolidate these into one easy to manage fund taking into consideration any benefits that you currently have as well as fees and charges that you currently pay

Finding your lost super

If you’ve ever changed your name, address or job, you may have some lost super. The Australian Tax Office has a free online super search tool, SuperSeeker, which you can use to find out whether you have any super waiting for you. Why not see if you have any lost or unclaimed super right now using SuperSeeker. Oneplan Life can also conduct this search for free on your behalf if you provide consent and supply your tax file number.

Consolidating your super accounts takes a bit of effort in the short term, but we are here to help to guide you through the steps and in the end you will be rewarded in the long term.